Why a Puncture May Never Strand You by the Side of the Road Again

Why a Puncture May Never Strand You by the Side of the Road Again

Why a Puncture May Never Strand You by the Side of the Road Again

17 April 2018
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If you've ever watched world-class rally driving on the television, you may have wondered how they're able to keep going when they've picked up a puncture and reach the end of the competitive test without stopping. This is due to new technology and the development of tyres that enable the driver to continue, even though the covers have been compromised. While this idea was developed in the heat of motorsport competition, it is something that is now available to the average motorist. Can you fit these types of tyre to your car, so you will never be stranded again?

Why Should You Consider Them?

Certainly, you are not going to lose any type of race if you pick up a puncture, but it's good to know that you won't be inconvenienced and fiddling with nuts that simply won't come loose somewhere on the side of the road. If you have runflat tyres fitted, you will be able to continue until you get to a better location, so that you can get somebody else to change the wheel for you. The runflat tyre also has another advantage, insofar as it significantly reduces any danger associated with a high-speed blowout. 

How Do They Work?

The tyres work so well due to especially tough sidewalls, with rubber inserts. This enables the tyre to continue supporting the considerable weight of the car, even if there is no more air within. If this were not to happen, the wheel would be pushed down and come into contact with the road surface instead.

Using Caution

Don't take a leaf out of the rally driver's book if you sustain a puncture on a runflat, however. In your case, they're not designed to be driven indefinitely, and you should reduce your speed and go no further than you need to before getting help. You should also bear in mind that these tyres have to be replaced rather than repaired once they have sustained a puncture, as the overall integrity of the tyre will likely have been affected during the course of the incident.

Additional Considerations

If this technology has intrigued you and you'd like to consider fitting runflat tyres to your car, note that your vehicle must be configured to accept a tyre pressure monitoring system if this is to work. Otherwise, you may not know that they had sustained a puncture and could continue driving at unsafe speeds. The monitoring system will immediately alert you when a runflat picks up a puncture, so you can take the necessary action. You may also have to make some adjustments to the suspension, as these tyres have stiffer construction and this could affect the quality of the ride.

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