The Benefits Of Choosing Titanium For Your Track Car's New Custom Exhaust

The Benefits Of Choosing Titanium For Your Track Car's New Custom Exhaust

The Benefits Of Choosing Titanium For Your Track Car's New Custom Exhaust

25 April 2018
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Anybody who takes track racing seriously enough to own a dedicated track car wants to squeeze every last drop of performance out of their chosen vehicle. While sticking a beefy turbocharger or a sophisticated fuel injection system under the bonnet can certainly help, maximising the performance of the less glamorous parts of your car is just as important. 

Exhaust upgrades are pretty much mandatory for any track car worth the name, and choosing a customised exhaust that can expel exhaust gases from your engine as quickly as possible can lead to remarkable improvements in speed, acceleration and torque. These custom exhausts can be made from aluminiumised or stainless steel, but if you are really serious about your vehicle's performance, investing in a titanium custom exhaust fabrication can have advantages other exhausts cannot hope to match.


Titanium exhausts are considerably lighter than equivalent exhausts made from steel, and replacing your car's stock exhaust system with a titanium replacement can lower its overall weight considerably, even if the new system is larger and more bulky than the original. Reducing weight as much as possible is one of the most important steps in improving track car performance, and your new lightweight exhaust system can bestow significant performance and handling improvements on your vehicle.


Titanium's strength-to-weight ratio is truly exceptional, and titanium is far more durable than steel even though it is considerably lighter. This combination of feather-light weight and exceptional strength is what makes titanium the metal of choice for constructing aircraft and spacecraft, so as you can imagine, your titanium exhaust will be able to withstand anything the track can throw at it. Titanium's durability also makes it particularly useful for track cars that also traverse uneven, unpaved terrain, such as rallycross vehicles.


Aluminiumised steel exhausts will start to fall victim to rust once their protective coatings start to wear out, and even lower grades of stainless steel are vulnerable to corrosion caused by particularly acidic or alkaline substances, such as salt used for de-icing roads and tracks. Titanium exhausts are 100% rustproof, and will not spring pinhole leaks or have their lifespans shortened by the slow march of corrosion.

Excellent heat conductivity

Titanium is also an excellent conductor of heat, and a titanium exhaust is dissipate heat buildup from exhaust gases more quickly and efficiently than a steel or stainless steel alternative. This prevents excessive heat buildup from backing up into the engine compartment and causing mechanical problems and also makes your exhaust safer to work around if you require quick repairs, refuelling or tyre replacement during a mid-race pit stop.

Unique looks

If you're a track car enthusiast the way your car looks is probably the last thing on your mind -- nonetheless, titanium exhausts have a distinctive and highly desirable look. The characteristic 'bluing' that occurs around the tailpipe of a titanium exhaust lets everybody know that your car is fitted with the best components available, and might just intimidate your opponents enough to give you the edge in your next race.

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