Essential Aspects of Car Recycling

Essential Aspects of Car Recycling

Essential Aspects of Car Recycling

2 May 2018
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Your car is rattling, hissing, clunking and squealing. All efforts by your mechanic are only being met with louder cluttering, knocking and growling. These are usually signs that your vehicle is past its useful service. Therefore, what do you do once maintenance becomes bothersome and expensive? In such cases, you can consider taking your car to car recyclers, which is by far the best way to dispose of an old vehicle because it saves costs and garage space. However, the chances of having your old car accepted depend on your preparation. Read on to find out critical steps in car recycling

Find the Right Recycler -- Most parts of a vehicle are recyclable. However, it does not mean that all recycling facilities have the ability or permission to recycle every part of a car. For instance, some facilities have the license to recycle oil and batteries whereas others do not. Therefore, selecting the right facility is the first significant step. Always make a call to a facility and inquire about the recycling scope. For example, do not waste resources by scheduling a pick-up only to find out the facility does not recycle car batteries. You might be forced to remove some car parts and find a market for them or another recycler later, which is a great inconvenience.

Ready the Car's Title -- The second step in car recycling entails having the vehicle's title ready. The reason is that once you deliver a disposable car to a junkyard for recycling, its ownership changes. The transfer of ownership is only complete once you issue the car's original title. Doing so relieves you of any liability brought about by the vehicle while in the hands of the auto recycler. Although the car might not be in your possession, you legally own it. For instance, if the batteries aren't disposed of according to industry regulations, the vehicle's owner is responsible.

Remove Personal Items -- Making sure that your junk car is free of personal items is your responsibility and not that of the recycling facility. With cars having many storage compartments, it is advisable to do a thorough search. For example, you might find that you left essential documents in the glove box. Note that once the title transfers to a recycling facility, any belongings in the car change ownership as well. For instance, if an auto recycler finds gold earrings under the car seat after acceptance of the title, then the find is theirs.

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