When Is It Time to Take Your Truck for Wheel Alignment Servicing?

When Is It Time to Take Your Truck for Wheel Alignment Servicing?

When Is It Time to Take Your Truck for Wheel Alignment Servicing?

10 May 2018
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Most truck drivers underestimate the importance of having properly aligned wheels. Wheel alignment improves the drivability of your truck, and it helps extend the durability of the tires. What's more, proper wheel alignment helps to ensure that your tires are pointed in the right direction at all times. On the other hand, tires that are incorrectly aligned affect your ability to control the vehicle. They are a result of a faulty suspension, and if not serviced, they can cause you expensive truck repairs. Look out for the following signs which indicate that it is time to take your truck for wheel alignment servicing.

The truck pulls to one side

When driving your truck, it should steer move towards the direction that you direct it with your steering wheel. If you notice that it periodically jerks to the left or right side, this could be a sign that the wheels are improperly aligned. If you notice this problem, position the steering wheel at the centre where it's pointing straight to the road and observe whether it remains that way. If it tilts to the left or right and doesn't remain in the centre, you can be sure that your truck's wheels need to be properly aligned. 

The steering wheel vibrates

Truck tires that are correctly aligned ease the handling of the vehicle and promote comfort. The truck moves smoothly, and all the parts of the steering system respond promptly during operation. However, if you start to notice that your steering wheel vibrates when you are driving, the wheels may be misaligned. Poor alignment causes the wheels to pull in opposite directions instead of moving in harmony towards one direction. This movement causes the steering wheel and other parts of the car to vibrate. Have your wheels checked to prevent extensive damage to other parts of the steering system.

You notice rapid tire wear

Every driver knows how long it takes for their car wheels to require replacement when driving under normal conditions. Of course, if you go offroading, the tires may wear out at a higher rate than usual. However, if you notice that your new tires are wearing out fast without any changes in driving conditions, this would be an indication of improper alignment. Inspect the tires, and if they are unevenly worn even after regular rotation, this is another sign that you have alignment issues.

Regular wheel alignment servicing will help improve the performance of your truck's tires. Visit an auto service shop for regular truck wheel alignment and servicing so that you can save money on tire replacement.

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