The famous question of “What’s for dinner” can be solved in two words, slow cooker. Whenever you think of a slowly cooked meal, you think of all of the flavors infusing and creating a celebration inside of your mouth. This occurs when the food is properly cooked thoroughly and the right amount of time has gone into the seasoning process. In order to get the best tasting slow cooked food, a crock pot, or slow cooker, is mandatory.

Design and Features

The design of this BELLA slow cooker is sleek. It is also dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned with a damp, non-abrasive, cloth. The settings for temperature gives the operator complete control over how fast their food cooks. The handles are also sleek looking and the display is very clear and precise when showing time. Instead of the regular red lights that you normally see for things that are turned on, this unit’s digital readings are blue. The five quart stoneware is ideal for families or groups of four to five people.

Pros for this Unit

With all of the features being added to new appliances, sometimes it’s best to get the modern style, but a simple set up. The 13973 slow cooker not only has the “keep warm” option, but it automatically sets itself to it when the cook time is done. It also will only stay operating on “keep warm” for up to four hours until completely shutting off, giving you more time to get home and relax before having to jump up and fix plates. It has been called a great investment due to the low price compared to other more-expensive, name brand units.

Cons for this Unit

Some people have complained about using things that come without an instruction manual or product manual. This is not the case for this BELLA unit. The manual that is included explains, but many consumers are finding out that programming this cooker can become difficult. Another con for this product is that it does not have a locking mechanism, meaning when traveling it is more difficult to keep from spilling out of the pot. However, stationary this may be, the cord is a little short and can become a problem for sockets that are not close enough to the counter space you wish to use.

Overall, Taste Matters!

Not only does this appliance come with an owner’s manual to learn all of the ins and outs, it also comes with a few recipes. This is to help new comes to the slow cooking world create their first slow cooked masterpiece with their new appliance. Whatever you’ve decided to have for dinner, there’s at least three ways that you can turn it into a slow cooked meal that takes little to no effort or supervision. The taste of the meal depends on how well it was seasoned and how long it was allowed to cook, but there’s not many ways to ruin a meal in a crock pot. For more information on slow cookers visit www.slowcookersheaven.com.