Coffee Machine Review

If, like me you struggle to raise so much as a smile before you have taken your first cup of coffee in the morning then chances are you will be grateful for anything that can take the hassle out of creating your pre-work cup of energy juice. This is where the Mr Coffee Cafe Barista espresso maker (with automatic milk frother) comes in. Setting out to be more than just a simple coffee maker, it aims to prevent you from having to have your name butchered and your wallet emptied in a particular coffee shop chain each morning!

This espresso makers features have aimed to make the process of creating a cup of coffee as simple as possible. The one touch control panel located on the front of the machine lets you chose the strength of your espresso, cappuccino or latte. The removable Milk Reservoirs are easy to clean post coffee creation, and they hold more than enough milk to ensure the automatic frother can help create your preferred beverage down to a tee. Somedays you may want a small shot of strong coffee to wake you up and other days you may want to take your cappuccino with you on your morning commute, either way the adjustable cup holder can cater for your needs. The Barista espresso machine seems to have found a good balance between number of features and ease of use.
The machine is compact enough to easily fit in any kitchen, with the dimensions coming in at 12 x 14 x 12.2 inches. Looks wise it is designed well, with a sleek metallic front panel pairing and a solid plastic shell covering the majority of the body; this elegant cappuccino machine would not look out of place in a high tech chefs kitchen! That being said there is an element of the design that should be approached with caution. There have been complaints from owners that after a certain period of time (ranging from a couple of months through to a year) that the machine starts to struggle to build up the pressure to create an adequate amount of froth. Some have said that the process of desalination on a regular basis has helped to prevent this, but it is still something worth considering.

If you drink any coffee products on an even semi regular basis then the amount of money you will save will be the biggest pro! I don’t know about you but saving the $4 you spend each day on a double mocha latte will add up quickly! The machine is a looker and will provide you with a frothy coffee just how you like it without any fuss and prior barista knowledge needed. The simple one touch panel and fill and click methods for the milk and water supply will ensure that you can get your fix of caffeine with the minimal of fuss. The fact that you can use your favourite type of coffee, whatever it may be in the machine is another selling point of this compact machine.

Wear and tear over time seems to be the predominant complaint about this coffee maker. Grumbles about a drop in pressure where the creation of the froth is concerned are the most common complaint. As mentioned above, regular cleaning does seem to be able to solve this issue. On occasion the container for the milk can apparently be tough to get in place too, but this is often common with a machine which is brand new as parts are stiff more often than not straight out of the box.

This machine is not perfect but it’s positive points far outweigh the negatives. You can create various coffee creations at the touch of a button and for convenience it looks hard to beat. It comes with a recipe book of varying drinks, so whether you are a fan of the famous pumpkin spices latte or even its gingerbread cousin, you can now create them all year round! You may find some issues with build quality in the long term, but if you want your coffee fix quickly and easily before heading out into the world every day this compact coffee maker should suit you well.