PUR FM-3700B Water Softener

There is nothing worse than having to clean up the lime scale around your taps, in your kettle, and dotted about your showerhead, but is there a way to stop this from being a problem? The simple answer is yes there is. This answer comes in the shape of a water softener, and in this review I will be taking a look at once softener in particular, this PUR FM3700B, and seeing if it is up to the task of helping you out in your home!

The features

You would be wrong in thinking that a water softener would be limited in its features. The PUR will mount directly to your faucet, meaning you have fresh water quickly and easily. It will help provide you with 100 gallons, or two to three months worth, of clean, clear and crisp water and the built in electronic filter life indicator will keep track of the state of the filter, telling you when to replace it and when it is ok to continue with your current one! It has a safety gauge included and it’s chrome finish makes it look like a very smart piece of tech, so all in all it is looking good for the PUR!

Is it complicated?

Some water softeners are complicated to set up and you would need a degree in plumbing to do so, but this is not the case for the PUR. As it is designed to sit on your faucet, it has a simple one-click installation method which makes it perfect if you would be looking to use it on different outlets throughout your home. It is by no means the best water softener in 2016, but it makes a good go of it!


The simple method used to install this softener sets it’s apart from some of its competitors. Only needing one click to set up and start using is a rare occurrence on the world of water softeners so this should not be underappreciated. It can be used to provide up to 100 gallons of water which is a large amount for a small machine, and its multiple helpful features mean that it has a very simple and helpful user interface.

What are the negatives?

As it is only designed to be used on one faucet, if you want purified and filtered water in other locations in your house then you will need to move it as you go which could become annoying. Other filters are designed to purify the water at its source rather than its exit point, so this isn’t an issue with them. The build quality is good, so the only thing you have to worry about is its practicality if it will be moving around a lot!

What’s the conclusion?

If you are looking for simple then this is the machine for you. It hasn’t revolutionised the way water softeners work but it didn’t set out to do that. It will help you get pure, clean, soft water from your kitchen tap, and until you try it you won’t know just how much of a difference this will make.