Simmons Curv Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Replacing a new mattress may seem a bit unpractical, and even though the sleep on it is uneasy, out of the budget. Instead of purchasing another mattress and doing away with the older “new” mattress that you have, consider purchasing a foam mattress topper such as the one offered by Simmons. The Curv is the newest infused gel mattress that has temperature controlling gel and conforming foam to help give you and your loved one a peaceful night. Tossing and turning can also be eliminated with the right type of mattress, or topper, depending on your situation.

Details and Dimensions

The three inch gel topper is infused with the technology of gel cooling and support. It also has open cells that increase the amount of airflow and allow for an increased comfortability while sleeping. This topper can reduce pressure points and decrease the amount of pain that you or your loved one continues to wake up with. This topper has Fresh technology that includes baking soda, which prevents odors and provides you and your family with a healthy environment. There is also an Antimicrobial that helps to protect the topper and mattress against bacteria, mildew, and mold.

The Strengths of this Topper

There are many positives to purchasing a memory foam mattress or topper. Both of these items can help support the back, shoulders, neck, and hips. Many consumers claim that this product comes exactly as it is described. The size that they ordered were ideal for the bed that they were putting it on. Many say it is well worth the money, while others may prefer to replace the entire mattress instead of just adding the topper. Other people who have purchased this product have done so for a child, or someone under the age of twenty. Many reports have returned regarding the comfortability and the softness that they feel when sleeping on this mattress topper.

The Negatives of this Topper

Consumers have done a great job of reporting their purchases and their reviews through several outlets. Many of them that deal with this specific gel foam mattress topper have complained about the size stated in the description. They claimed to have received a topper that was not the correct dimensions to fit upon their already purchased mattress. After a few weeks of using this mattress, some consumers have complained about the comfort levels, saying that they were great in the beginning but over time failed the test of staying comfortable. When attempting to clean the mattress topper, one reviewer found that their scrubbing damaged it beyond repair.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for an extra pad to place atop your mattress, this memory foam topper is ideal. You not only have the added cushion but you also have better support than a regular spring mattress or pillow top topper. Replacing your entire mattress can also be an option and for that you will desire the best memory foam mattress on the market. Researching and comparing can save you time and money when contrasting different brands of the same product such as memory foam mattresses.