Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Getting in shape is as fun as you want to make it. Some people love jogging to stay fit, some prefer hitting up the gym every day to try and gain those muscles. However there is one type of exercise that is underrated and not discussed in many circles and it is rowing. Whilst this may not sound like a very practical exercise if you don’t live near a lake or river, you can get an indoor rowing machine to substitute for the real thing and it can provide you with one of the best workouts you could ask for. Today in this review we are going to be taking a look at one in particular, the Sunny Health and Fitness SF0RW5515, and seeing just how good it really is. If you want to take a look at other rowing machines whilst you are at it, then why not pay Home Rower a visit and do just that!

Tell me about the features

This is no ordinary rowing machine as it incorporates some different technologies in an attempt to make your whole experience more efficient and better for you. The first and most important of these technologies is the magnetic tension system with 8 different levels of resistance. This makes things that little bit tougher when compared to a regular indoor rowing machine! The second impressive feature on show with the Sunny is the large LCD console which displays time, count, calories, and the total count of the distance you’ve travelled. The seat is fully padded and the handlebars have been made non-slip for added comfort. Also worth a quick mention are the anti-slip foot pedals.

What are the good points?

This machine has been designed to work for most people and the maximum weight allowed on it is 250 lbs. It has wheels built in so that it can be transported from room to room easily, and the padding on the seat is something you will notice after the first use. The technology inside the machine, not only in the LCD screen but also in the magnetic tension system, will ensure that you get the best possible workout in the least possible time.

What are the bad points?

It is something that very rarely happens in today’s world, but customers have not managed to find one complaint about the Sunny throughout their use of the machine. This is a very impressive fact as pieces of exercise equipment like this are more often than not pushed to their limits and used almost every day, so for it not to have any faults as of yet is very impressive!


This rowing machine is very close to perfect. It has more technology and should give you a better workout than most of its competitors within a similar quality band, and it does all this whilst being very user friendly and intuitive. If you want a simple yet efficient addition to your home gym then the Sunny Health and Fitness rower is a good place to start.