The Best Heart Shaped Waffle Makers Reviewed

Waffles are delicious; everybody loves them. Unlike many common breakfasts, however, they require a special item of kitchenware to make. When it was down to the traditional cast iron waffle maker, there was enough variety already… but then they added other cast metals to the experience, and then the modern electric griddle. Now we’ve got digital options. It’s a madcap case of “who? What? Which? Huh?” that often leaves people throwing up their hands and just buying the first waffle maker they see.

How to Actually Select a Waffle Maker

Just slow down and breathe – there is an answer! At, we’ve compiled a list of high-qality waffle makers which have been universally praised by critics, buyers, and bloggers alike. There are a few key points on which the most concern is placed, and that’s what we’ve addressed. Every item was carefully considered before including it in our reviews.

The WafflePro… Because Why Be Like Everyone Else?

Chef’s Choice is a time-honored brand christened with numerous awards and longstanding commercial success. This is based on two factors: overall high quality, and a certain air of distinction that sets their products apart from those offered by their competitors. No matter what the appliance, the Chef’s Choice option always seems to exist in a class by itself. This is certainly true of their M840 WafflePro, which offers a distinctively shaped waffle with a unique and convenient feature that is sure to delight waffle enthusists of any age.

Step Inside My Heart-Shaped Box

The WafflePro from Chef’s Choice offers a distinctly shaped waffle, resembling a flower with spreading petals on the surface. It bakes crisp, golden brown waffles with pockets of fluffiness, and patented technology for heat distribution means a consistent and uniform waffle each and every time you use your waffle maker. That’s not the end of it, though; the WafflePro’s unique grid splits each waffle into five loosely joined pieces… each in the shape of a heart. The traditional gride-shaped  nooks and crannies for syrup, or your favorite confection of choice, are still there – oriented to each individual heart, for maximum… cranniness! (I can make up words if I want to…)

Delicious, Tasty Fun

The unique shape of the WafflePro’s waffles makes them more than just a tasty breakfast treat. You can cook up a few waffles in a hurry, thanks to the patented Chef’s Choice heating system, and break them apart into heart-shaped snacks for dipping… perhaps at a dinner engagement, right next to the cheese and crackers. Or, for a slumber party; finger-foods to dip in syrup? Yes, please! The kids will love it, but just as importantly, you’ll know what they’re getting: a wholesome waffle, devoid of much of the complete nonsense that saturates so many ready-made sweets in our stores today.

We Offer So Much More, Too!

At, we offer more than this one heart shaped waffle maker. We offer good deals on great waffle makers of every size, style, and unique feature. We emphasize things like easy cleanup, convenient storage, and safety features. You’ll find the right option to fit your family at our website; what you won’t find is a lot of extra fluff that you don’t need in order to make a decision.