True Induction S2F2 Cooktop Double Burner

Rosa’s first website is full of reviews for induction cook tops but just what are they? These pieces of kit (which will probably become a key addition to your kitchen once you learn a bit more about them) are very clever and different to normal oven tops. Induction cookers work via a large coil of copper wire which is found under the work top surface. A current of electricity is passed through the coil which creates an electro magnetic field. This then heats the pan or food you are trying to cook! What really makes induction heaters stand out though is the fact that they are very energy efficient. The heat only goes to the part of the oven which is covered by a pan or pot, so no heat escapes as it does with the more conventional oven tops. In this review we are going to be looking at the True induction S2F2 Cooktop so let’s get going!

What are the features?

True Induction cookers have made the bold claim that they are like no others in the industry and their features do seem to back this up. Their innovative power sharing technology allows you to use the full 1800 watts of cooking power. Most dual burner cooktops use two 900 watt individual burners, however True Induction’s patented Power Sharing Technology utilizes up to 1800 watts on either individual burner and shares the power between both burners when both are being used simultaneously. This innovative technology maximizes cooking power from a single standard household outlet. True Induction’s high efficiency cooktop utilizes a magnetic based technology that energizes the molecules of the cookware to produce heat. This process is extremely energy efficient as the cooktop never actually produces heat, allowing the heat produced in your pan to cook food faster and at the same time use less power. There were never going to be a lot of features as this is an oven and all it will really do for you is cook, but the ones that are included with the True Induction are quite impressive!

What are the positives?

This cooker will work right out of the box and it is very easy to use so the True Induction is perfect for any home. It is small and compact enough to be easily portable so if you want to use it in your home and then in an R.V for example you can. Most important of all it is a very nice looking piece of kit.

What are the negatives?

This is a good starter oven but it is not ideal for bigger homes as you can’t really compare it to a full range. You cannot have both of the ranges on 100% either, they have to be at 50% and 50% or 30% and 70% etc so if you want to cook on full blast on both you can’t.

What’s the conclusion?

This is the perfect range to start a home with. It is very energy efficient and perfect if you don’t want something which is too big. All in all a very good effort by the people at True Induction.