World Pride Wrought Iron Select Parrot Cage

This tall cage is the ideal enclosure for parrots of all sizes and temperaments. It’s large enough to accommodate your birds with the right amount of space to move around freely and the wire spacing provides plenty of visibility for your feathered friends to look out on the world around them. It comes with door locks to keep your birds secure and with a wealth of feeder cups and interior wooden perches, this cage will keep any parrot happy and healthy for the long-term. It’s one of the best values for your money that we feature at and a best-seller on Amazon.

Some Assembly Required

World Pride’s parrot cage has everything you need for keeping happy birds in one package. The main  cage panels are easily connected with the included screws and one wrench to twist them into place. Don’t worry about build quality here, the panels interconnect tight and secure without any uneven spaces that present an escape route or opportunity for injury from a bird sticking its head through unattended. Four casters let you roll the cage anywhere you want and the two front doors lock in place to stay closed.

Home Sweet Home

You get all of the necessary accoutrements to make the ideal home for your parrot, including three perches that can be placed anywhere you want and four feeder trays to offer a variety of different foods and, of course, plenty of water. The bottom of the cage opens and the removable tray underneath makes cleaning a cinch and there’s even a lower shelf beneath the cage to store all of the necessities for the care and well-being of your bird.

Summing Up

Measuring 31.1” long x 20.5” wide by 52” high with just an eighth of an inch spacing between the bars, this parrot cage combines space and security with high-quality wrought iron construction and a powder-coated finish, resulting in one reliable product that is worth the $80 price tag at most online retailers. The removable grill and tray are essential to the proper cleaning of the cage and offer the best convenience. We also love the easy assembly that might seem daunting at first glance but is really very simple to accomplish. The cage is available in black and should fit nicely in any home or apartment.